Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to be verified?

In order to comply with legal requirements, if you are a creator, yes you do need to have your account verified. You will not be able to withdraw funds until this is completed. This is a manual process - not automatic. So it really does have to be you!

What are “Credit Card Fees”?

For every site, every transaction, there are credit card fees. These are what third parties charge us to be able to take funds. Due to our high payout, you can add credit card fees into your subscription, or you can cover them yourself (the amount is in your profile).

How often can I be paid out?

As often as you like! It can either be held on the site if you’re worried about spending, or each time you reach the threshold you can withdraw. It’s up to you!

What content can I post?

Anything you like – as long as it is legal. Check your local laws as to what is acceptable. We want this to be a fun, expressive platform – but nothing with illegal content.

Can I message people?

Sure can! In order to send someone a message, you do need to be subscribed to them, or them a fan of yours. If that connection isn’t made, you cannot message each other.

Can I block people?

Yes you can. While we really hope this doesn’t happen, we do recognize the need for this at times. You simply go to the users profile, and on the top right is the block button.

Do you provide marketing collateral?

Sure do! If you want images or branding, or if you are using us as your exclusive platform, we can absolutely work with you to get something made up.

Can I promote my other profiles?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. yes. Any “competing” platform – no. We are trying to work the best we can for our creators, so having creators send users to other sites is a bit painful to see – plus chances are they are being sent to sites which take more of your money!

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes we do! If you're a creator, this can be found under your "Referrals" tab in your menu. You can earn off every creator you have join up, for life!

Can I promote other creators on my page?

The short answer, no. While this can get more fans for the others, we recommend this is done on the likes of Instagram. People come to the site to see the users they have subscribed to – not a feed of promoted creators.

Do you hold my credit card information?

Nope. We use a third party for payments processing – so we don’t handle any of that data.

I haven’t heard of you, why should I use you?

Firstly, you have heard of us, you’re here! Secondly, we are working super hard on building creators awareness of us - we are so glad you're here.

Is it free to join SpicyFan.Club?

Yes! It absolutely is. Joining the platform will always be free, however you may need to subscribe to certain users to see their content.

How do I join?

Pop to the SpicyFan.Club home page, and you can register from the top. Super easy!

How much do you pay out?

We payout 85% of fees - the highest payout of the industry.

How do I delete my profile?

Firstly, please don’t! We don’t want to see you go! But if you really want to, simply email us at, let us know your username and we will get that queued for deletion.

Do you help me promote content?

Yes we can absolutely help! Reach out to us on Instagram ( and we can get something set up..

Is SpicyFan.Club safe?

Absolutely! We do whatever we can to keep you and your content safe. We put creators first.

What do I do if I receive abuse?

Firstly, block them immediately. Then email us at and let us know their username and the issue you have had. We will investigate and take appropriate action, as much as reporting them to local authorities or even beginning legal proceedings. Our users safety is paramount to us.